Diaspora Media WRFG-Atlanta 89.3FM Saturdays 5-7pm EST

What is Radio Diaspora’s Mission?

Radio Diaspora’s mission is to take a critical analysis of US Foreign Policy and its effects on the people of Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as how to address how US Foreign Policy affects people of color in the United States. RD airs every Saturday from 5-7pm EST on 89.3FM in Atlanta and streams online www.wrfg.org.

Radio Diaspora is an educational, cultural and informative radio show that aims to impulse a participatory democracy, solidarity and the integration of communities of color from Latin American, the Caribbean and North America. We believe that the media should to be in tune with the new political, economical and social models that are grounded in equality and human rights and created  by the communities that are directly impacted by human rights violations.

Who is Radio Diaspora by and for?

Radio Diaspora is produced by and for the community.  Anyone that has been impacted by the hands of US Foreign Policy and/or human rights abuses are welcome to participate in the production of the show.  Radio Production as well as Political Analysis is provided on a continued basis for all Radio Diaspora Collective Members.

Radio Diaspora CollectiveHow can I be part of the Radio Diaspora Collective?

Easy.  Contact us at info@lacccenter.org.  There are mandatory trainings and commitments that you must commit to, all training is provided.  You do not have to be from the Latin American and Caribbean region to participate, you must though have an interest in US foreign policy as it relates to the region, an understanding of globalization and reasons for migration.

What is Radio Diaspora’s relationship with the Latin American and Caribbean Community Center?

While Radio Diaspora an auditory expression of the Latin American and Caribbean Community Center; it is directed and produced by a collective of concerned community members that believe that their voices, stories and experiences can help facilitate discussions on the issues  that Radio Diaspora transmits to its listening community.  Diaspora Collective member include LACCC staff, community volunteers and segment producers. To participate email us at info@lacccenter.org.

What are the issues that Radio Diaspora deals with?

Radio Diaspora deals with US Foreign Policy as it relates to: Afro Descendants, Indigenous, Laborers/Workers, Immigrants, Disabled, LGBT, Youth and Children as our priority groups.

Radio Diaspora uses two transversals for 100% of our shows: Race and Gender
Radio Diaspora uses the human rights framework 100% of our shows.
Radio Diaspora priority issues include: Migration and Forced Displacement, Racial Injustice, Poverty and Gender, Economic Injustice and Free Trade, Criminal Punishment.

One thought on “Diaspora Media WRFG-Atlanta 89.3FM Saturdays 5-7pm EST

  1. Khedija Gadhoum

    Dear Radio Diaspora Collective,

    I am Khedija Gadhoum. I am currently an educator of Spanish and Latin American Studies. I am also a documentary filmmaker. Since I moved to Atlanta from Michigan, I was looking for interesting programs to nourish my spirit and my soul, until I found your Radio Diaspora! I love your programs, the issues that you discuss every week, and the type of music that you broadcast.

    I am very interested in joining your Collective for the following reeasons: to learn and educate myself and my students from your programs and to contribute to them, as a researcher on Latin American cultures and as an African diasporic citizen myself (I am originally from Tunisia, North Africa). I researched and lived extensively in Latin America and my current film project is on Latinos in Atlanta. It would be great if we could work together and be able to include a segment or a series on the Afro-Latino community here.

    I sincerely hope that we will connect soon.

    My e-mail addresses are:

    My phone numbers are:
    (678) 466-4732 (Office)
    404-210-1108 (Cel)

    Thank you very much for taking my message into consideration, and I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.


    Dr. Khedija Gadhoum
    Clayton State University


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